All songs by Caro Pampillo (except Om Shanti Caro Pampillo/Lucas Villemur)

Recorded and Produced by: Caro Pampillo

Mixed by: Mario Siperman and Caro Pampillo

Engineered and Mastered by: Mario Siperman at

El Loto Azul Mastering

Art concept: Caro Pampillo

Aqua Pura- by RJ Lannan
"Water is the life giver, the nourisher, the source of many of our beliefs. The theme for musician Caro Pampillo’s new album is water. Sindhu is the Sanskrit word that can mean ocean, river, and rain. All varieties of water. Pampillo’s eight mantra album offers up humble and loving prayers to Water. From actress to musician Caro Pampillo believes that water plays an essential part not only in her life, but in all life. Caro wrote the music for the album as well as co-producing it. The music is a blend of New Age and World genres with a few others making an appearance. Overall the compositions are smooth and at the same time energetic. Love is definitely all around us according to Caro’s dynamic ballad. And so is water. We are water.

We need water. We worship water. But I understand from Caro Pampillo’s album that love flows like water.

Caro’s voice is light and sincere in every cut."


Caro Pampillo: vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar, Venezuelan cuatro, programming, looping, Tibetan bowls and chimes.

Lucas Villemur: keyboards, electric guitar / Gerardo Gardelin: piano, strings / Christian Tomas: classic and electric guitar / Mario Siperman: Moog synth, Theravox / Diego Gago: Oud, flute / Javier Pomposiello: Venezuelan cuatro / Gustavo Roca: acoustic guitar / Mushu: purring in OM / Dave Norwoog: tablas / Special thanks: Gary “Dov” Gertzweig: electric 5 string violin, acoustic violin, viola, sitar, string samples

“Uniquely accomplished original sonic beauty! I believe this composition will be nominated for an award and (easily) WIN it. The glorious sounds you will hear will invigorate your soul and thrill you to the core...
Caro is a most unique performer, with a musical breadth and depth that will surprise and amaze you!

My primary advice for this album is that you listen with your headphones on; you’ll want to immerse yourself in Caro’s beautiful vocals. This album’s one of my favorites in 2018. I give Caro and her musical cohorts a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this

fine aural adventure.” 

Rotcod Zzaj -Dick Metcalf - Editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“I found the music to be lush, inviting and very complex. Caro’s vocals blended well with the music. I especially appreciated the tracks “OM” and “Har Hari”. At that point it really hit me, this one has more crossover appeal than most recordings I have heard this year. You will then arrive at a dierent level of consciousness.

 Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

            “Her voice and music is an invitation to a beautiful ride, diving into her universe of sound with colors and textures”
                Carlos Libedinsky –musician of Narcotango

“There is a purity of heart and intention in this music.

Let your soul rest and be happy as it is caressed by the aural magic of Caro Pampillo.”  

Chris Mancini - Musician, Music Publisher


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