Her debut on TV was as a teenage lead in a musical TV series on the national television channel Canal 9 Argentina, and since then she has worked at TELEFE, Canal 13 (national television channels) The Disney Channel as well as numerous primetime TV series, soap operas and feature films. She’s had big success in South American and Israel and has also modeled for major brands all over the world.

   Her work on stage includes hit musicals like the Spanish production of Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, displaying a flair for comic timing with the lead role of Inga. She was praised by audiences and critics as well as the multiple-awarded Thomas Meehan, who wrote the book for the musical adaptation of the 1974 film. She was recognized with nominations for ACE and Hugo Awards. She performed the role of Lucy in the Argentinian hit musical Dracula, was part of the cast of the Spanish adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar, and My Fair Lady.
   An early pregnancy at a young age didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams and goals. In fact, it was her responsibility as a mother that enriched her inner world, performances and music.


"Young Frankenstein" - Mel Brook's Broadway Musical -

Action Sequence

Trailer "La Gran Sangre" - Action Feature Film

Dracula , the musical


Chiquititas (TV series- Soap opera/comedy)


150 Episodes- 7 Seasons  

Children channels- Disney- RGB

BOYANDO (Comedy- Sitcom)

Farsantes (TV Series- Prime Time)

Los Simuladores (Prime-Time) - Scene

Guest Star

2 Seasons- Martin Fierro de Oro (Awards)

Director: Damian Szifron


Floricienta (comedy)

Secretos de Amor ( Soap opera)

PRESS - Reel


Television (worldwide)

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