Caro is a versatile artist with a social conscience and an environmental awareness. She grew up acting, singing and dancing in Buenos Aires, Argentina and since a very young age, she has parlayed her passion for performance into a commercially successful and critically acclaimed career of over 20 years in South America. Her performances on TV, film and theater showcase both her profound engagement with the character she is portraying and a great passion for what she does. Giving birth to her son at a young age helped to inspire and empower Caro’s artistic inner world. She faced some tough personal challenges throughout her life, but she persevered not allowing anything to stop her.

After her successful career in Argentina, a life changing event led her to Los Angeles and in 2015 she decided to further her acting and music career as a singer/songwriter in that city. 

She's an action actress and in 2019 she started working as a stunt performer on CBS TV shows "Hawaii 5-0" and "Magnum PI" shooting in Hawaii.  She then started to commute between L.A. and Honolulu while working on her music and new releases. She recently wrote, produced and stars an upcoming short film based on human sex trafficking where she's also the composer and performer of the soundtrack produced by Tim Thorney.

Caro continues to inspire compassion for our environment and social causes as she pursues her life with vitality, creativity and love. And while she's not on set or on stage, she's at her home on Oahu-Hawaii, creating new projects, surfing, diving or sailing around the islands.


Caro’s acting debut began as a teenage lead actress, singer and dancer in a musical TV series on the national television channel Canal 9 Argentina. She then worked at TELEFE, Canal 13, and The Disney Channel as well as on numerous primetime TV series, soap operas, feature films and commercials airing in South America and Israel.

During this time she also modeled for major brands all over the world.

Her work on stage includes the hit Broadway musicals like the Argentinian production of Mel Brooks

"YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" wherein Caro displayed a flair for comic timing with the lead role of Inga.

She was praised by audiences and critics as well as the multiple-awarded Thomas Meehan, who wrote the book for the musical adaptation of the 1974 film. For this she was recognized with nominations for A.C.E. and Hugo Awards, the literary equivalent of the Tony Awards. She performed the role of Lucy in the hit musical Dracula and was in the cast of the Argentinian adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar and My Fair Lady.
When she was 5 years old, Caro started her training as a classical/contemporary/jazz dancer, and later as a figure ice skater, aerialist, gymnastics and other sports. She's a black belt in Kung-Fu and was trained in other martial arts and stage combat as well. She's a water person and became a scuba diver and a surfer.

As a teenager, Caro started drama school in Buenos Aires. Her training includes different acting techniques including classical and musical theater, clown, improvisation and the Method. Some of her teachers and coaches in Argentina were Alezzo, Chaves, Luis Romero, Joy Morris, and Ivanna Chubbuck when moving to L.A. in 2015.

As a songwriter she has developed her music and found a unique sound, combining her South American roots with other world influences, live looping her voice and other instruments.

Her studies in philosophy and practice of Buddhism, Zen and yoga, lead her to her musical project "SINDHU" (meaning "all the waters"), composing, producing and arranging a world music album in Sanskrit language. The album made it to be in consideration for the 61st GRAMMY AWARDS.

Caro performs and sings covers with her unique, hypnotic and captivating style.

She writes and co-produces her own original songs, she released two singles in Spanish and is currently finishing her second album in English.

Not only she worked as a lead performer on Broadway musical theater, but also as a professional live and studio vocalist in different musical projects. Caro started her vocal training as a teenager on lyrical/opera technique and musical theater, furthering later as a jazz and pop/rock singer.


"I have witnessed her magnetic and engaging presence firsthand on a Mexican television project we worked on together. No matter the medium, Caro remains an exemplary actress who exhibits a profound engagement with the character she is portraying. Anyone who works with her understands at once that she has a great passion for what she does and that comes through in her performances.”

Adriana Barraza, Actress-Director,

Academy Award nominated - Cake, Babel, Amores Perros, Spanglish, Telemundo, Venevision

“I have come to recognize artists who have true staying power and Caro Pampillo is clearly one of those individuals with a lot of versatility, dedication and sheer talent. Her sustained coverage in major media outlets have earned her a reputation as a top artist in Argentina.”

Pablo Gorlero , Entertainment Journalist

“Her voice and music is an invitation to a beautiful ride, diving into her universe of sound with colors and textures”                Carlos Libedinsky , Narcotango

GRAMMY post banner .jpg

“As a casting director I know how important it is to have an actress who is versatile and capable of many different skills and Caro certainly fits the bill. She is also a physically trained performer capable of performing her own action stunts. Her theater experience and training also gives her the ability to dance and sing, and gracefully move across the screen in scenes. Which is why I have repeatedly cast her in important productions for film and television.”

Ileana Rippel, Casting Director for

The Secret in Their Eyes (Academy Awarded for Best Foreign Film), Underdogs, Corazon de Leon

“There is a purity of heart and intention in this music. Let your soul rest and be happy as it is caressed by the aural magic of Caro Pampillo.”  

      Chris Mancini - Musician, Music Publisher


Aqua Pura- by RJ Lannan
"Water is the life giver, the nourisher, the source of many of our beliefs. The theme for musician Caro Pampillo’s new album is water. Sindhu is the Sanskrit word that can mean ocean, river, and rain. All varieties of water. Pampillo’s eight mantra album offers up humble and loving prayers to Water.

From actress to musician Caro Pampillo believes that water plays an essential part not only in her life, but in all life. Caro wrote the music for the album as well as co-producing it. The music is a blend of New Age and World genres with a few others making an appearance. Overall the compositions are smooth and at the same time energetic. Love is definitely all around us according to Caro’s dynamic ballad. And so is water. We are water. We need water. We worship water. But I understand from Caro Pampillo’s album that love flows like water. Caro’s voice is light and sincere in every cut."